Currently, the practices and the home games of all teams take place in the hall in Bonnevoie (Luxembourg City)

Hall Omnisport Bonnevoie
42, rue J.-F. Gangler
L-1613 Luxembourg

Contact: 4796-3021

Public transport: bus lines 5 and 6, stop Wisestrooss
More information available on

SPO HO Bonnevoie extérieur

Source: Luxembourg City

! However, a move to the new hall in Rue Léon Kauffman in Cents (Luxembourg City) is planned as soon as the construction work is completed, probably at the end of 2020. The official move date will be announced without delay.

Hall Omnisport Cents
Rue Léon Kauffman,
L-1853 Luxembourg

Public transport:

  • bus lines 7 and 29, stop Cents, Robert Bruch
  • bus line 14, stop Cents, Jules Salentiny
  • train line 30, stop Cents, Hamm

More information available on

Hal Cents 20200827

 (status as of August 2020)

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