Cancellation of all games scheduled for the weekend of the 24th and 25th October!

Considering the latest recommendations and measures taken by the Government today in the frame of the actual pandemic situation, we have to inform you that the Volleyball Federation just decided to cancel and postpone all volleyball games on this weekend (24/25 October 2020).

Therefore, there will be no game of our ladies team GYM 1 this Sunday 25. October 2020 at 20.00 in Diekirch !

markus spiske VO5w2Ida70s unsplashPhoto by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

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The first away match of the season: V80 Pétange - CS GYM Volley

Last Saturday our ladies had a hard time in Pétange. In the first set the nervousness on Bonnevoies's side was obvious and the V80 Pétange did everything to justify this uncertainty of his opponent: Pétange started the game at full throttle, but the GYM had collected itself by the end of the first set and won.

Pétange did not put up with this and equalised the score in the sets at the end of a fiercely competitive second set.

One thing can be deemed certain: against an opponent like Pétange the block performance and the defence must impress. In the last two sets, GYM Volley did just that and, through a collective effort, was able to take home the victory of the first away game of the season.

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Exciting start of the season: turning the score of 0:2 to victory

In the first game of the season, the first women's team of the GYM Volley faces VC Mamer, a direct competitor for the playoffs.

As ecstatic as the GYM proved to be to finally meet an opponent on the field again, the start of the game turned out to be difficult, leaving them quickly trailing 0:2.

In the 3rd set, the aggressiveness in the block and the efficiency in defence was increased, so that this set went to the home team finally. The intensity of the third set could continue in the fourth and fifth sets and turn the score to victory in the first home game.

GYM showed that they are ready to give it their all and were able to build up confidence for the upcoming match against the V80 Pétange next Saturday.

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